Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Fairy tales - Puss in Boots

When a poor old man died he left his only three possessions to his three sons. The oldest boy got his mill, the second got his donkey and the youngest one got his cat.
The young boy was disappointed until the cat began to speak to him and asked him to give him a bag and a pair of boots. Then the cat went and caught a rabbit, put it in the bag and took it to the King, saying that it was a present from his master, the Prince of Carabas. After that the cat caught many more animals, and each time offered them to the King with the same message.
One day the King went for a ride in his coach near the river, and the cat told the boy to go for a swim. When he was in the water the cat hid his clothes, and then went up and told the King that his master – the Prince of Carabas – was swimming when some thieves had stolen his clothes. The King gave the boy some new clothes.
The boy got into the coach with the King and his daughter, the princess, and went for a ride. The cat ran ahead and tricked all of the people to tell the King that the land they were working on belonged to the Prince of Carabas, so the King thought that the boy was very rich.
Near there was a castle owned by a horrible ogre. The cat knew all about the ogre, and went to the castle. There he asked the ogre if it was true that he could turn himself into any animal. The ogre said that it was true, and to prove it he turned himself into a lion. The cat then asked the ogre if he could also turn himself into a small animal, like a mouse. The ogre did this, and the cat then ate him.
When the King, the princess and the boy arrived at the castle the cat said that it belonged to the Prince of Carabas. The King was so impressed that he offered the boy the hand of the princess in marriage. So they were married and live happily ever after.

The end

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