Saturday, 21 March 2009

Avalanche - Chapter 1

Mum, Buster is eating the sausages! says Maxine.
Mrs. Baxter takes the sausages from Buster. She is angry. He’s a very bad dog, she says. He can’t come to Scotland with us.
Buster is Ben’s dog. Ben is unhappy because Buster is not going to the mountains with them. Please, Mum. Can he come? Ben says.
No! Take him to the kennels now, says Ben’s Mum.
I’m sorry, Buster, says Ben. They begin to walk to the kennels. Ben’s family put their bags into the van.
Ben comes back from the kennels. Everybody is waiting for him. Ben gets in the van. He is carrying his bag carefully.
What’s in your bag? asks Maxine.
Nothing, says Ben.
They drive to Scotland. Ben and Maxine are very happy. They are going skiing. All the Baxter family can ski. They go to the mountains every year.
They drive for an hour, then Mr. Baxter hears a strange noise.
Who’s making that noise? he asks.
Not me! says Ben quickly.
Then they hear the noise again.
I can hear it too, says Maxine. It’s coming from your bag, Ben!
Mr. Baxter stops the car. What’s in your bag, Ben? he asks.
Woof! says Buster.
Mr. Baxter is very angry. We’re nearly at the mountains now. Buster can come with us, but he must stay with you, Ben.
Ben is happy. Buster wags his tail.

The end

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