Saturday, 21 March 2009

Avalanche - Chapter 2

Later, they arrive at the skiing village. A girl tells them, Your house has got a green door and blue windows.
The next day the weather is good. Ben and his family are very happy because they are going skiing. Ben looks out of the window and sees the mountains.
The mountains are beautiful,’ Ben thinks. ‘But they can be dangerous too.
The family put on their skiing clothes and go out. Buster must stay in the house. But he does not want to go out. He wants to stay in the warm house.
Soon, the Baxters are on the ski lift. They go up the mountain. They look down. Look at the beautiful little houses, says Maxine.
There’s our house, says Ben. Let’s ski down there! Come on!
Ben and Maxine can ski well. They go down the mountain very fast.
Be careful, calls Ben’s mum. She and Mr. Baxter go after them slowly.
Mr. and Mrs. Baxter cannot see the children. ‘Where are they?’ says Mrs. Baxter.
I don’t know, Mr. Baxter answers. He skis quickly away from his wife.
Where are you going? says Baxter.
I want to find Ben and Maxine.
There are a lot of people on the mountain. Mr. Baxter cannot see Ben and Maxine.
Where are they? he thinks.
He sees some people far away. Is that Ben and Maxine? he thinks, and begins to ski to them. He skis fast and often falls in the snow. Soon he cannot see the village. He cannot see any people now.
Mr. Baxter is afraid. He thinks, Are Ben and Maxine on this mountain? He calls, Ben! Maxine! Can you hear me?
Nobody answers. Mr. Baxter feels cold. He skis down the mountain. He skis faster and faster. Suddenly he stops and looks up and down the mountain.
Where am I? he thinks. I’m lost!

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