Saturday, 21 March 2009

Avalanche - Chapter 4

But Buster is not in the village. Buster is on the mountain. He is looking for Mr. Baxter. The snow on the mountain is very deep and Buster often falls. He is very tired but he does not stop. He wants to find Mr. Baxter.
In the house, Mrs. Baxter, Ben and Maxine are waiting. Through the window, they see the helicopter.
Can the helicopter find Dad? asks Maxine.
Yes, it can, says Mrs. Baxter. But she is afraid. He’s under the snow, she thinks, and the helicopter can’t see him.
Suddenly they hear a noise. Ben looks at the door. It’s Buster! he says.
He runs to the door and opens it. He sees Buster. Buster is tired and dirty. Come in, says Ben.
But Buster does not come in. He walks away, then looks at Ben and barks again.
Mum, Buster is telling us something, says Ben. What is it, Buster? Is it Dad?
Buster wags his tail. He runs to Ben and barks again.
Buster is saying Come with me! says Ben. Come on!
On the road there are some policemen. They are beginning to walk up the mountain.
Come with us, says Ben. My father is up here.
Buster runs in front of them. Buster, wait for us! calls Ben.
An hour later, the policemen find Mr. Baxter. A doctor looks at his leg. We must take you to hospital, the doctor says. The policemen put Mr. Baxter on a stretcher. Buster gets on the stretcher too.
Get off, Buster, says Mrs. Baxter.
No, says Mr. Baxter. Buster is tired. He can stay with me. Mr. Baxter puts his arm around Buster. Thank you, Buster. You can go skiing with us every year!


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